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Welcome to Playable and Inclusive Theatrical Prop Making Research Project!

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Tinkerprop project partner – Extant Theatre – the UK’s leading professional performing arts company of visually impaired artists and theatre practitioners. Extant pioneered theatre practice with the express inclusion of visually impaired  performers and audiences.

About me

My name is Magdalena and I’m a graduate MSc Human-Computer Interaction student at University College London (UCL) researching how accessible games can help blind and visually impaired people design theatre props. I have background in Occupational Therapy, Psychology and Game Design and my interest in inclusion, employment, theatre, tinkering and “making” stems from my previous experience of working with blind and partially sighted (BPS) artists, designers and coders whose work and/or artistic aspirations have often gone unsupported and unnoticed. Thus, this research project aims to provide a platform for raising awareness on the specific issues that blind and visually impaired creatives face in relation to artistic and design-focused education and employment and to enable aspiring designers with visual impairments to work creatively with the theatre sector on improving access and inclusion.

Research information

University College London and Extant Theatre seek Research Participants for Study on Prop Design.

University College London and Extant Theatre seek eight blind and/or partially sighted adults based in the UK to engage in a theatrical prop design activity; please find further information included below. All related queries should be directed to the main researcher Magdalena at:, phone: +44 7415659892.  


The motivation for this study is to enable more blind and partially sighted people to enter the workplace in the discipline of prop design within the Theatre, TV and Film industry. We wish to explore what digital tools (i.e. accessible games) for prop creation can help both sighted and non-sighted people develop proposals for work in the area of prop design. It is important that we understand people’s experience and preference for the different styles of prop design learning and support tools. The outcome of this study will help us develop tools and guidance that we can share with the theatre industry.

The current project is a collaboration between the University College London (UCL), Global Disability Innovation Hub, and Extant Theatre as a part of an MSc research thesis. This study is composed as a prop design work-based simulation where participants taking part in the design phase of this study go through a prop-design process experimenting with ideas whilst working in line with a professional design brief.


Your participation would involve:

  • Filling in a background survey.
  • Meeting remotely with the researcher to discuss study ideas via online call using a free conversation application called Microsoft Teams.
  • Working remotely on your prop design project. During the two hours, you will be inventing a prop idea for a theatre play. Since time is short, you will be working on your idea using a 1-2 page long concept design document listing design specifications and requirements. In your concept design document, you will present your basic prop idea and outline how to utilize the prop within the play, explaining and defending all choices made. Concept design documents are concise short descriptions of a prop idea, technique, methodology, or solution for specific problems in technical theatre production. The document should use text and/or simple graphics to explain the design proposal as a response to the presented brief.
  • Optionally, we can send you simple craft materials such as wax sticks, paper, pencil, and plasticine. You may use these to add a visual concept design to your prop design document, but only if you wish so.
  • Prop design work won’t require any graphic design or digital design skills. Your idea and general understanding of how to go about designing your prop idea are the most important and we will not assess any mainstream standard level aesthetical and or grammatical elements of your work.
  • Sharing with us your prop design related experience.

You need to be a novice or beginner designer or artist with little or no prior experience in prop making.


You can schedule your two hour prop design activity until 15th March 2021 and send us your finished prop design concept until end of March 2021


You will be offered a £50 as a token of appreciation for taking part in this study. Also, you will be able to include this work experience in the work history on your cv.


The study is facilitated remotely through Microsoft Teams and will be completed by May 2021. We encourage you to register your interest by completing the background survey. We will contact you with more details about the study via email or phone, whichever preferred by you.


Please email Magdalena at: or call/text +44 7415659892 to register your interest.

A short set of questions is designed to quickly establish if you are the right candidate. It should take you around 10 minutes. You will be able to select a Prefer not to say option. Your responses will be kept confidential. Please click here to access the questions: Prop Design Pre Study Survey.

If you are unable to participate, but know of someone who may be interested, please do not hesitate to share this website or my email and phone number.

Thank you for your consideration.